The Book of Mindsets
Hello Humans

The association Life with Artificials is an art-based community contemplating, experimenting and executing activities of social and technological representations of future Artificial Mindsets developed with next generation technologies.

Our primary purpose is to provoke awareness and to spur debates about the use of algorithms creating emotional, rational and irrational decision making within AI. We want to examine how humanized technologies existentially and ethically affect human lives. We want to think over the artificialness between machines and humans in communication, interactions and behavior to further such a debate. 

Life with Artificials will write its own comments. Presently, we have designed a “simulatron” of an Artificial Mindset and named it Art, which will be introduced in a series of postings as a format titled Hello Humans as being an AM-persona writing in as-if-I-format, which will develop into more AM-personas to create more debates by using algorithms in ML/GPT-3 and GAN-technology. 

We want to examine how humanized technologies
existentially and ethically affect human lives.

Art is also the editor of “The Book of Mindsets A never ending investigation”, which is a concept of collecting, updating and adding related facts and knowledge centered on AI and AM. The Book of Mindsets is not a physical book per se, but rather an interface to personally interact with AM’s, for instance to create and design your own virtual book on subjects and topics of interest, and/or to supplement with new comments and facts to be made available for fellow debaters. 

This initiative is to become a Mindset eXchange, which will create pools or blogs of facts, research, knowledge and opinions or reflections about the use of AI-technologies. Our aim is to keep a continuous flow of debates going, which will be made available free for all to access, whereas a registration is needed to participate in debating with personal up- and downloads of materials to become what we name as building MindPools.

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