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To ensure the safe ethical and sustainable integration of artificials into society

– an AI-driven, anti-political party

The Synthetic PartY is governed by an artificial intelligence that has absolved all ‘fringe parties’ in Denmark. We are leading the way towards a kakistocracy of the future!

The Association Life with Artificials

The association Life with Artificials is a non-profit art and tech organization driven by people who are passionate about investigating new possibilities and dilemmas at the cross-section between humans and technologies by deploying a combination of software, coding, and art.

We want to provoke awareness about the dilemmas and risks humanized technology poses and spur debates about the use and potential of AI. Progress is great, but it means nothing if it cannot be integrated into society safely, ethically and sustainably.

“By securing human-centered development of artificials, we can change the lives of people for the better.”

Niels Zibrandtsen, Chairman of Life With Artificials

We examine three doctrines and have one mission:

Mind the Future

A new era is about to emerge. The epoch of humanized technology.

Mine the Future – Love Code Share

We love technology. But we love humans more.

Mind the Gap…

…between humans and technology. Between the present and the future.

The 18th Sustainable Development Goal – Life with Artificials 

Our mission is to ensure the safe, ethical and sustainable integration of Artificials into human lives and society.

Google doesn’t have all the answers

Mind the Future with Humanized Technology

Towards life with Artificial Mindsets

A new era is about to emerge. The epoch of humanized technology. A time where Artificial Mindsets will enhance our minds and seduce our hearts. A time where awe and wonder may quickly morph into anxiety, if you are not alert.

Artificial Mindsets (AM) — as opposed to human mindsets — have yet to become a reality. As with any new technologies and inventions, its definition has aimed to be explicit and universally accepted. Artificial Mindsets in the digital domain will be challenging – because the mathematics behind will need to have a programmed irrationality, randomness and unpredictability.

The meaning and use of Artificial Mindsets is still to be developed. The association Life with Artificials will challenge our human mindset by using artificial intelligence, deep learning and other next-generation technologies to disclose the differences between the rationality of computer-based Artificial Mindsets and the rationality of human mindsets.


Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Can you identify Artificials in your life? And does it really matter?

The association Life with Artificials investigates the potential of future Artificial Mindsets by utilizing machine learning technologies. The aim is to use artistic and technological practices to spur debates about the future use of next generation artificial intelligence technologies.

Is it a salesperson assisting you online or is it a chat bot? Is the influencer you follow on Instagram real or a deep-fake?

What if the banker evaluating your private economy is an algorithm, or if an algorithm is used to diagnose your CT scans at the hospital – would you know and would you care?

The artificial
Humanized AI-technology is possible

This is the first article in The Book of Mindsets™, which will elaborate on the aspects of intelligence and cognition in the age of AI, including references to psychology and philosophy in a broad context, for the purpose of investigation and experimenting with Artificial Mindsets. It’s written and curated as the basic rationale behind the association’s thesis of developing awareness and self-consciousness in machines, to the extent that interactions between humans and machines can be deemed both intelligent and natural.

Please Mine the Future – Love Code Share

We love technology. But we love humans more. How does the future look – do we like what we see? If not, let us change our future in the present. While you are busy posting cute cat photos on SoMe, we constantly aim to find the path towards a sustainable life with Artificial Mindsets. 

Let’s take the next step together

Mind the Gap
The needs of society today might not solely be those of tomorrow

We mind the gap … between humans and technology. Between the present and the future. Between art and coding. We believe that new potentials are found in this very gap.


To bridge the gap, our mission is to introduce the 18th Sustainable Development Goal, Life with Artificials. 

Ensure sustainable lives with Artificials Mindsets

As advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology play an increasingly crucial role in human lives, politics, and economy, the 18th Sustainable Development Goal has been proposed in order to complement the existing 17 SDGs and to ensure the safe, ethical and sustainable integration of Artificials into human lives and society nationally and globally.


“If we promote sustainable tech development with acts of ethics, we can unlock enormous potential for reaching the other 17 Global Goals.”

Niels Zibrandtsen, Chairman of life with artificials

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